40887-Black - Bone Chokers

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40887-Maroon - Bone Chokers

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40883-TQ - Bone Chokers

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40883-Brown - Bone Chokers

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40882 - Bone Chokers

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40576-Beige & White - 10 Bone Chokers

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40576-Coffee - Bone Chokers

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40576-All Natural - Bone Chokers

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40576-Black and Brown - Bone Chokers

SKU: #40576-Black and Brown

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Native American Bone Chokers is a well-recognized name among the esteemed stone & drop bone choker manufacturers in CA, USA. We have been dealing with such antique and vintage jewelry for more than three decades. We have an incredible range of such stylish Bone Chokers which we are affordable.

Sophisticated and Versatile Drop Bone Choker with Stone

Stone & Drop Bone Choker Online is a magnificent vintage-style jewelry item since it enhances the look of the neck of the wearer astonishingly. As the name suggests, this type of Handcrafted Bone Choker is made while alternatively weaving bones and stone beads. Such designs make this jewelry item sophisticated yet aesthetically appealing at the same time.

Buy Online Handmade Stone Drop Bone Choker in Bulk

Native American people made Bone Chokers for protection from man-made weapons of that time like arrows and spears. Though we do not require such kind protection in modern times, these traditional Stone Drop Bone Craft Chokers that are globally made by artisans are wonderful choices as ornaments. Avail them online and in bulk from one of the largest stone & drop bone choker suppliers in the USA, that is, Native American Bone Chokers.