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The handcrafted ornaments or jewelry items are seen as one of the major symbols of any culture, just as the affordable Native American Bone jewelry items are considered as the key symbols of Native American culture globally. These are handcrafted, versatile, and beautiful relics of Native American civilization. Native American people were used to wear Native American traditional Bone Chokers, Breastplates, Bangles for safety as well as for spiritual protection. These are primarily handmade with Bone, Hairpipes & Glass Beads, and hard to be penetrated by the man-made weapons of that time such as arrows and spears, hence providing safety. It was also believed that these ornaments provide spiritual protection. You can Buy Native American Bone Jewelry Online here.

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Classic and Traditional Selections

Painted Earrings
Czech Beaded Coin Purse
Czech Beaded Barrettes
Czech Beaded Hat Bands
Czech Beaded Necklace
Czech beaded Lanyard
Czech Beaded Hair Band
2 Row Bone Choker
3 Row Bone Choker
4 Row Bone Choker
Stone & Drop Bone Choker
Small Breastplates
Medium Breastplates
Large Breastplates
Basket Weave Earrings
Dream Catcher Earrings
Cloisonne Earrings
Czech Bead Fringe Earrings
Native American Breastplate
Bone Bead Hat Bands