5250-Med-An-Tq - Breast Plates

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US$ 18.00

5250-Med-Breast Plate -Beige and Brown

SKU: #5250-Med -Beige and Brown

US$ 18.00

5250-Med- Breast Plates- Coffee color

SKU: #5250-Med- Coffee color

US$ 18.00

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Compact and Affordable Medium Native American Breastplates

The Breastplates are the unique ornaments worn by the Native American people. These are handcrafted with materials like bones, glass beads, and leather. Native Americans were wearing compact Breastplates according to their sizes, whether small, medium, or large to ensure the maximum protection from man-made weapons of their time like arrows and spears.

Get Online Medium Native American Breastplates in Bulk

Native American Breastplate has become an ethnic choice of ornament and gets used mostly as a ceremonial dress. Their compact size and fitting according to the respective breast is essential for the best look. Buy in wholesale Breastplates online from Native American Bone Chokers, an eminent Medium American Breastplates supplier in the USA.