5255 Small Breast Plates - Coffee Color

SKU: #5255 Small- Coffee Color

US$ 6.50

5255 Breast Plates-Small-All Natural

SKU: #5255-Small-All Natural

US$ 6.50

5255 Breast Plates-Small-Beige

SKU: #5255-Small-Beige

US$ 6.50

5255 Breast Plates-Small-WTQ

SKU: #5255-Small-WTQ

US$ 6.50

5255 Small-Black Carved - Breast Plates

SKU: #5255 Small-Black Carved

US$ 6.50

5255 Breast Plates- Small- White Bone and Black Beads

SKU: #5255-Small- White Bone and Black Beads

US$ 6.50

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Fit and Comfortable Small Native American Breastplates

Breastplates are a typical piece of ornamentation which were worn by Native Americans, especially by their warriors for protection and as ceremonial dress. These are usually handmade while using materials like bone pipes, glass, or silver-plated beads. These materials are woven with leather to fit the breast of the wearer in the best manner.

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